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Cities of France

France has numerous cities and towns of interest to travellers. Paris is of course on top of the list.
France has numerous cities of interest to travelers, some with Roman remains and medieval magic; others are contemporary chic; most have charming squares, bustling markets, majestic cathedrals, local industry, architecture, arts and sports - the cities and towns of France all have their own unique character and attractions.

When it comes to beautiful and interesting French cities, Paris is just the start - there are 22 regional cities in France and each department also has a capital to explore. 

Paris, the capital and largest city, is on top of the list for most tourists in France, it is often as the "City of Light", and known for romance and the Eifel Tower. 

Bordeaux is famous for its surrounding wine areas with traditional stone mansions and smart terraces, and is in itself a charming city. 
Lyon has a history from Roman times to the Resistance, and is a center for the world famous cuisine.

 is famous for its historical center, and home to many European institutions. 

Avignon is often referred to as the city of Popes, the most popular architectural structure in the city is the Palace of the Popes. 

Aix-en-Provence is built on hot springs and is where the renowned painter Cezanne lived and painted. 

 is known for its production of champagne and its cathedral. Dijon has served as the capital for the dukes of Burgundy, and is home to some of the best wineyards in the world.

Marseille is France`s second most populous city and home to many wonders, setting alight the fires of any traveler`s heart.One of its most charming aspects is the many markets available for people of all persuasions including the Noailles market, featuring arts and crafts of African origin and design

Among the coastal holiday destinations, NiceCannes, and Montpellier are probably the most popular destinations. Nice is known for being at the center of Côte d'Azur, Cannes for its annual film festival, and Montpellier for its historic city center and universities.

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